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Emerson Grey Designs started after I left my job as a store manager at a high-end baby boutique that I had managed for 13 years.  I decided to take on the most important job in the world; being a mommy of two.  I have always had a passion for design, starting with redesigning my own bedroom growing up to designing custom crib and kid bedding at the baby boutique.  My eye for design, along with my passion is what gave me the drive to start Emerson Grey Designs.

I specialize in E-design.  I know that not everyone can afford hiring a designer to take them on a step-by-step journey of creating the space of their dreams.  That is where I come in.  For a straight forward fee you will receive the items below.  Feel free to let me know if the below information doesn’t quite fit your needs.  I’m here to help so I can do whatever will make the experience for you beneficial and worthwhile.

With E-Design I am able to provide clients with an array of help even if we don’t live in the same area. 
This service includes:
*An initial consultation, coming from the form I ask to be filled out that
gives me a real feel of your likes and style. We then consult fully through
* one main concept design board displaying a real sense of what your room will feel like, followed by 2-3 boards that go into detail about the space and the original concept.  This may be a specific board detailing the art used in
the space or this may be a board giving you a mock-up of a wall gallery.
I do these extra boards to make the process easier for you all.
*List of sources for you to easily purchase the chosen pieces.
*And lastly, I describe the design concept including placement of items, feel
and overall aesthetic I imagine for your space in a detailed tour.
Mini E-Design:
I have had clients contact me where they are mid-design and are
having a hard time pulling together what they have already purchased.
This is where the mini E-design comes in handy.  I am able to pull
together what you have already purchased; what you still have in mind and
create a cohesive look.  Whether this just involves finding accessories,
fabrics, art…it is me stepping in to help you out without starting from scratch
like my full E-design.
This service includes a condensed version of the full design:
*Initial form filled out from my site
*one main concept board and one extra board displaying the items
chosen to show a visual of what the room will feel like. (similar to the above)
*List of sources for you to easily purchase
*And lastly, a descriptive tour of where items should be placed.
Pillow styling:

This service will include *one visual of the pillows selected, mocked up in how they should be placed on your sofa or bed.  *A source list with sizes and links will be provided.  Pillows will be selected to fit within your budget.  (Tax, shipping and pillow inserts will be added costs outside of your budget.)  *I will provide suggestions of insert options I have used, but you are free to purchase what you prefer.  I will include tips on how to achieve that full look you see in designer’s photos.

I am really excited to help you make your space beautiful.  Please email me for pricing.

To get started for a full e-design or mini e-design please fill out this form so I can get to know you and your space better.

To get started for my pillow styling service please fill out this form.

Lets start designing!

Bri Moysa in Aliso Viejo, CA on Houzz
Bri Moysa in Aliso Viejo, CA on Houzz