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Joy at Home {with AllModern}

Disclosure: this post is sponsored by AllModern, but all selections and opinions are my own.

This blog post is titled “Joy at Home” because truly that is just what our new tile is doing for me; bringing me so much joy!! I couldn’t love this new update to our kitchen and extended area any more. These areas still had the original tiles from the early 80’s. The color of them wasn’t bad, it was a light gray, but gosh they had the worst texture to them. You could never get them cleaned and they just weren’t “us.” I’m sure you know that feeling where an item was picked by the previous owner and it just doesn’t fit with your own aesthetic. So when the opportunity came up for me to select another awesome product from AllModern I just knew tile was it! Did you know that AllModern sells tile? My own sister didn’t! I am excited to share with you the tile I selected, the tile my husband and I installed ourselves! Phew!

To refresh your memory of the old tile, here is a before photo.

And here is the new 18×18″ Royalty ceramic tile I picked out to take this space from drab to awesome.

I chose this tile because I just knew the rustic nature of it would compliment my concrete floors so nicely. Anything too pristine would have stood out in my home. These tiles have so much variation in their base color; from dark charcoal to a lighter gray. I love the movement they provide. And then the slightly varied white lines add extra visual movement and interest. This large scale pattern and tile size truly made my space feel so much bigger.

My main plan was to also use a bold tile to help tie my kitchen area in with the area just off of it. That space has always been a problem for me since it isn’t large enough to act as the dining area it was meant to be. Instead I’ve decided we will be making this area into an extension of the kitchen. We’ll be getting two white cabinets that will flank a beverage fridge and then top them all with another piece of butcher block. I can’t wait.

For now, this area acts as our coffee station which has been working out just fine.

Tiling was a new DIY adventure for us, not sure we’ll do it again, but we are so proud of how this entire space looks.


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