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Revival Rugs {one-of-a-kind addition}

If you have been following along on my Instagram then you know our family room has been going through a transition since December. We added a fireplace, received some great new furniture pieces and then to ground the entire space we brought in a one-of-a-kind rug from Revival Rugs. I was so excited to partner with Revival Rugs because I truly support the idea of bringing in pieces to your home that hold history. Their rugs are anywhere from 30 to 100 years old. Can you just imagine what these rugs have seen? I just love knowing the rug I have in my home now, was also part of someone else’s home. All their rugs go through a process of tumbling, trimming and cleaning to reveal the true beauty of the rugs. Take a look at ours.

I was drawn to this rug because I loved the variation in the neutral colors. This rug has ivory, tan, brown, gray and thin lines of almost black. And what I find to be really cool and speaks to the level of the handmade process are the little random threads of pink. They are very scarce, but I just think that is so cool, almost like that little piece just hitched a ride when on the loom.

Along with the neutral colors I knew that adding stripes to my room would help visually elongate the space. What I love most about vintage rugs is how unique the stripes can actually be. You can see in my rug how the stripes don’t line up because it is made of separate pieces sewn together. This adds such character to the room.

The other reason I chose this specific rug is because it also was not a regular rectangle. Because it is made up of 4 separate pieces, they were aligned so one end is shorter than the other. For me, this made it a match made in heaven. The shorter side worked perfectly with how our dining table and chairs come into our space, so the rug didn’t obstruct it.

You can just see the rug on the right and how that shorter length works in our home

We couldn’t be happier with the level of softness and cozy this rug has added to our home. I love how it elongates the space and reminds me daily of the history it must have.

If you, too, are looking to add some special character to your home then be sure to check out Revival Rugs and use code BRIMOYSA10. I’d love to see what rug you choose, so be sure to share it with me.

Thank you @revival_rugs for partnering with me on my family room.

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