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DIY fireplace {with Modern Blaze}

Who decides to tackle building a fireplace weeks before Christmas? Um, we do! We may be totally nuts, but we really got excited about having a fireplace in our home for Christmas morning. My husband and I set out with a plan of starting the fireplace on Friday, Dec. 6th and finishing it on Friday, Dec. 20th….2 weeks to turn it around while only working on it on my husband’s days off. Did we pull it off? Well, of course!! And then hours later we both came down with fevers and were down and out for a week, boo. Hence me finally sharing with you all our finished DIY faux fireplace now.

We absolutely love how it turned out. It is sleek, but has texture. The proportion of the mantel ledge to the top part of the fireplace just feels so right. We truly couldn’t be happier. What also makes us so happy is the heat that comes from the fireplace insert that we chose. I partnered with Modern Blaze to showcase one of their many firebox insert options. I selected the Dimplex 26″ plug-in electric firebox for our fireplace. The reason I selected this particular insert was it fit some of my design criteria. It was visually square, had clean lines, had black in the interior and had very realistic rocks and logs. Besides the visual aesthetic of it, I loved that there was multiple color options for the flames, that you could use the fireplace with or without heat and the fireplace surround stays cool to the touch. Another great feature is it has a timer as well.

I’ll definitely miss the glow that our Christmas tree gave us, but now I have the glow of the fireplace year round.

Thank you to Modern Blaze for providing me with the firebox insert, so that we could complete this project.


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  1. Drew Cornelius says:

    I am currently building a house and am designing my fireplace similar to this. Do you know how they got it to be so smooth around the actual fireplace insert? Mine currently is very jagged around the edges and the sheetrock guys weren’t sure how to smooth it out? Wasn’t sure if you knew any details 🙂

    • brimoysa says:

      Hi Drew, I apologize for my delay. I’m sure you’ve got this figured out by now, but I wanted to respond in case anyone else has the same question. Our particular insert has a front trim around the edge of it, so it actually hides what our sheetrock edge looks like.

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