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Bending the rules {new rug}

Design rules are there as a guide, most are really important to follow, but in some cases the reality of a home can make it so the rules are worth bending. I recently got a new rug from Boutique Rugs that was originally meant for Emerson’s room. Once the rug arrived I knew the Lynchburg area rug looked much better in our master. Total win for me. When I shared a visual of it on my Instagram I was met with many questions and comments all referring to the size of the rug. We have a queen size bed and the rug is about a 5×8′.

Ideally under a queen size bed you’d have a 6×9′ or larger rug, but guess what, our room is crazy small. Therefore, having a larger rug isn’t a possibility, so I am ok with sticking on the small side of the design rule in order to introduce some added texture to our concrete floors and definitely a touch of cozy.

Have you bent any design rules lately?


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