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New addition to our breakfast nook {InMod wishbone chairs}

I have been talking over the last year about updating our breakfast nook.  While I loved the before, it just didn’t feel balanced.  Slowly overtime this area had accumulated too much wood.  The benches, the light fixture, the chairs and then with some new additions in the living room…yeah, this corner needed some newness and balance quick.  I have always envisioned wishbone chairs in this space because I love the lines of them and the openness they visually create.  That was an issue with the old chairs, they just felt too solid.  Here’s a before photo to refresh your memory.

So, when InMod reached out to me to partner together I was ecstatic.  First off, I had never heard of InMod…can you believe that!?  Have I been living under a rock?  They have such amazing pieces, you must check them out.  When I saw they offer a wide variety of finishes in the Hans Wegner wishbone chair I did a little happy dance.  I immediately fell in love with the black and woven cord seat.  What I wasn’t expecting was to swoon so much over the finish of these chairs.  When they arrived they are the most gorgeous matte finish! Just look…

I am also so happy with the scale of these chairs compared to my last ones.  The InMod chairs are able to be pushed all the way in which gives my home a bit more space which is huge considering we only have 1,000 sq.ft.

You can also see that I’ve recently updated my pillow collection on the benches, you can find more about them on my Instagram.


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