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Master Vanity Refresh {part 1}

As I mentioned in the plan blog post, we gave up the master bedroom to our kids years ago, but we still refer to this vanity area as the master.  One would say we should probably refer to this vanity area as “the kids’,” but I’m not about to give them the big vanity too, so master vanity it is haha.  In our small home you truly should know we don’t have a division of space anywhere, we just all use whatever space is available.

I wanted to start writing this post so that when I finally share the finished space the reveal blog post wouldn’t be a novel. I’ll be showing you the some photos of demo, the shiplap going up and being painted and then the vanity installed with faucets (don’t miss that image at the bottom).

Let’s get to the ugly demo photos…


When we decided we wanted to add vertical shiplap we ventured to Home Depot to check out our options.  In order to stick to the smallest financial undertaking we chose to go with the thinnest plywood option.  We had the plywood cut down to 5 1/2″ strips by Home Depot to minimize the amount of cuts my husband would have to do himself.

We put the shiplap up using liquid nails and finishing nails.  The spacing between each plank is a nickels width. The shiplap was pretty easy until we got to the corners of the back wall because these 80’s walls aren’t square.  We figured out that if we cut the vertical plank into smaller sections that we could cut each piece thinner than the one before in order to create strange angle needed to maintain the straight vertical line.  Once all the shiplap is up, the next tedious step was to wood putty all the nail holes and sand them flush before we could paint them white.  I chose Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace for our white paint color and I love it.

Next up was getting the vanity installed in the space.  We ran into a bit of a design issue once we had the vanity built.  We needed to move the vanity over to the right more than I had initially planned due to how our water lines came off the wall.  In my original plan the vanity was going to be flush with the left wall, so that I could purchase a tall, thin linen closet storage unit to put in the right side of the space.  This didn’t end up working out, but I’m ok with it now because I really do like having the vanity centered.  I figured out another area in the home to keep our linens. Just a bit of fyi for anyone else installing the Godmorgan vanity from Ikea, the plumbing is suuuppperrrr tricky.  There isn’t much open space from the wall to where the drawers close, so my handy husband really rocked this part of it.  Not even sure I could explain it to you, but I will tell you there were areas on the back of the drawers that we had to notch out the slats in order for the plumbing tubes to fit.

Lastly, I’ll leave you with this image where we installed our amazing Pfister faucets.  I was so blessed to be able to work with Pfister and try out their new Deckard bathroom faucets.  When these faucets arrived I was so pleasantly surprised by what quality they exuded.  I had never felt such a heavy faucet before.  These are an all metal faucet for durability and I can attest they are heavy-duty!  I knew I wanted a matte black finish for my faucets and Pfister has so many options.  I went with the Deckard because of the straight lines, square base and overall modern feel.  Don’t you just agree they really made this vanity stand out?!


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