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Our entry way {stylish and functional}

I recently put together a new console for our entry way.  With our home being very small, every place needs to serve multiple purposes.  Our little entry wall is where we keep purses, backpacks, hats, keys, papers and shoes.  Who wants to see all that just shoved in an entry?  Not I.  So, I came up with a solution to store away the unsightly items while still having them easily accessible.  My husband and I had already made our coat/hat rack years ago out of a piece of reclaimed wood and Anthropologie hooks.  You can see how our design came about back in this post.   As you can see in that post we originally had a cool bench with hairpin legs, but it wasn’t hiding the shoe situation or giving us an area for all the other “things” we needed in the entry.  It worked for us for a few years, but I never really loved it.  Because of that the hunt began for a new piece to facilitate our needs.  That is when the Crosley Landon media console came in.  It provided the small dimension of 40″ that I needed for my tiny wall, it had a great mid-century feel to it and it came in white.  Tada…the perfect piece!


I love how this space allows for me to constantly restyle it over and over all while the contents inside the console stay the same…lots of dirty kids shoes, pens and pencils and those handy, used often tools.  Those drawers are full, but you can’t see it all, so its a total win in this very small entry space.

And now here it is with a little bit of Halloween decor.  It truly has just become the perfect piece for our home and I couldn’t be happier with it.



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