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Time for some change {our living room}

I have felt a slight shift in my style over the last 6 months or so and have decided to integrate it into my living/family room.  I feel the urge to brighten up the space and instead of tackling painting the walls white like I really want to, I’ve decided to lighten up the wood tones and sofa.  I’m in the process of trying to sell our sofa so that I can purchase a white one. Did you just gasp?  I hope not, because white doesn’t scare me one bit, especially when it’s slip-covered.  I just really am yearning for a super comfy sofa.  We don’t have a large budget for this room redo so I am finding items already in our home, working with some of my fav small shops, selling the items I don’t need and am stalking online deals like crazy!  If you follow me on Instagram you’ve recently seen we have gotten a set of new chairs and today I laid out our new top layered rug.

My overall design concept looks something like this, but I know the pillows are going to be changing as I hunt for the perfect combination.


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