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Blossom {a completed girl nursery}

It’s a great Monday when I have a completed nursery to share with you all.  I shared a few photos on Instagram already, but here is the room in its entirety.  This room was very special for me to be a part of because I got to design it for a mommy who is like a third sister to me.  It is my youngest sisters best friend since elementary school.  Not only did I get to come up with the design, but I also got to see the room in person, which I never get to do.  Since I do E-design I only ever get to see photos of the spaces I work so hard in creating.  This was such fun for me.  Now enough talking…enjoy the photos.  


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75 responses to “Blossom {a completed girl nursery}”

  1. Cris Gheciu says:

    Beautiful! Where is this gorgeous carpet from?

  2. Love it! What paint color is this?

  3. Unknown says:

    Can you share where some of the items are from? Love the rug and baskets and shelving brackets! Oh my 🙂

  4. Emma Beazley says:

    This room is just gorgeous. Where is the watercolor print from?

    • Bri Moysa says:

      Hi Emma…it's called Blush Blossoms from Minted and it's gorgeous! The colors in person are even better than you see in the photographs.

  5. cora says:

    I love it! Where is the table lamp and crib sheet from?

    • Bri Moysa says:

      The crib sheet is by a company on Etsy called Woolf with Me, and this is their herringbone sheet in salmon and the lamp is from Target.

  6. Lindi says:

    Great room! Would you mind sharing where the dresser knobs and lamp are from?

  7. Megan R says:

    Where is the crib sheet from? So cute!

  8. andrea says:

    what crib mattress did you choose? did you have any trouble with snugness/fit?

  9. Unknown says:

    Gorgeous room! Where is the dresser from?

  10. Unknown says:

    Where is the fitted crib sheet from? So beautiful – such an inspiration! Thank you for sharing!

  11. Becca says:

    Where is the crib from?? I love the room 🙂 Thanks!

  12. Unknown says:

    Where is the chair and the triangles hanging from? 🙂

  13. Unknown says:

    Hello! Is the changing pad cover also from the Etsy store, Woolf and Me? I also love the dream catcher wall hanger–I'm not sure what its called but it looks like a dream catcher 🙂 Where is that from?

    I absolutely LOVE this room and am inspired by it–thank you!

    • Bri says:

      The changing pad cover was from Ivie Baby and the dream catcher was a diy. And I'm so glad you're inspired! Love hearing that

  14. Do you also have the fabric color of the Little Castle chair? We are looking at Little Castle chairs at Buy Buy Baby and I love that color.

  15. Unknown says:

    Where did you get the wall art from?

  16. Beautiful! Thank you for being willing to share all of the details!

  17. lyndsie1608 says:

    where did you get the gold hanging banner? i love it!!

  18. Kasey K says:

    Beautiful! Just wondering how high the shelves are over the dresser? I have some to put up as well and am worried they might get in the way of changing.

    • Bri Moysa says:

      Hi Kasey…so to give you a frame of reference, the lamp on the dresser is 22"h and the first shelf is hung pretty much 1" or 2" above it. So place your shelf at that height and then mark where your bracket should be hung below it. =)

  19. Sophia Tran says:

    Such a lovely nursery! Do you know if this dresser is in white (creamy, semi gloss) or in white stain (bright white, eggshell)? Thank you again for sharing!

  20. Whitney Ward says:

    Hello! I love your design! I too would love to know which mattress you chose for the lolly crib? It seems to fit perfectly! Your help is greatly appreciated! Beautiful work. Xo

  21. Kelly Voke says:

    Hi! Where's the dream catcher from?

  22. Bri says:

    Hi Kelly! The dream catcher was a DIY. You can find a round ring at most craft stores and wrap it in a yarn color of your choice. Then it's a piece of driftwood along with hanging strands of different yarn types. Or you can search Etsy because there are so many wonderful ones on there!

  23. Beautiful! This is the crib we bought for a baby due in November. Are you able to tell me the name of the rocker in this photo? and where the tan and white baskets are from?

    • Bri Moysa says:

      Hi Kristen…the baskets are from Dot and Bo. And the glider is from Little Castle Inc. They are so many options that you can't go wrong with. This is the Capri with the slipcover.

  24. Do you remember what the knobs are called. I would love to get these!

  25. Love and am inspired by your room! What color did you paint the trim to compliment the gray tint so well? Thank you!

  26. Love your little girls room! Where is the print above the changing table from and the accent pillow and throw?

  27. What size is the cactus and watercolor blossom art work?

  28. Unknown says:

    hi! love the print from minted! what size did you use for reference?

  29. Bri Moysa says:

    Hi!! So the Minted print was ordered in the 30×40" size with the white border so that the art sat nicely in the center of the print no matter what frame we used. It truly isn't a deal breaker in this instance because the background color is white anyway. Now if you get it framed by Minted I would say you could opt out of the white border.

  30. Unknown says:

    Looks like dot and bo went out of business?? Any tips on how to track down those great baskets???

  31. Yanet says:

    Hi! Your work is beautiful! I couldn't find the wall paint color in the thread. Could you share it again?

    Thank you

  32. Hi there, I'm dying to know where that beautiful orange throw blanket is from!
    Thank you!

  33. Julie Cohen says:

    What a beautiful nursery! I apologize for being at least the third person to ask this: which crib mattress do you use? We bought the same crib and I've read that finding a mattress can be tricky. Thank you in advance!

  34. Unknown says:

    hi! where is black an white pillow from? love the print!

  35. jackie says:

    hi! love the black and white throw pillow, where is it from?

    • Bri Moysa says:

      Hi there…you can find similar ones from companies like Maewoven and LoomGoods, as well as many Etsy sellers. Just search black mudcloth pillows and many will show up =)

  36. Bex says:

    Beautiful room! What is the trim paint color?

  37. Olivia says:

    Hi there… I see it’s been asked before, but I didn’t see a specific response (sorry for asking again!). Can you please provide the mattress details? Just got my Lolly all put together today, and need to order a mattress! 🙂 Thanks so much!

    • brimoysa says:

      Hi Olivia…
      I’m so sorry I don’t have that info immediately. I’ve reached out to my client to see what she purchased. If I hear then I’ll for sure comment back =)

  38. Jen says:

    Such a lovely room! Could you tell me if the grey tint paint has any obvious undertones? Also, do the photos make the colour appear lighter? Thank you!

    • brimoysa says:

      Hi Jen…great questions. This is Gray Tint by Benjamin Moore and it is a true light gray, no obvious undertones. And no the color is reading true in these photos, but definitely colors can change depending on the room they are in. This room had amazing natural light coming through that window. I hope this helps.

  39. Nicole Marks says:

    Hi do you know the name of the rug from west elm- love it!!!

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