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Our breakfast nook {completed}

I’m all about sharing some of our completed areas of our home lately with you all.  I mentioned a bit back that I was adding some finishing touches to our breakfast nook area.  I shared this design concept with you…

I finally hung the piece of “art” I had ordered and wanted to share with you the completed look of our breakfast nook.

The art piece that I had printed is actually a photo of my husband surfing possibly around the age of 12 that was taken by his mom.  I love how my husband is just a silhouette on this cloudy day of surfing.  Just above his left shoulder was a seagull flying and back on the horizon in the left corner of the photo was a “ghost” sailboat silhouette, it’s almost not view able.  I just love the over all feel this picture gives to the space.  Not only is it graphically fun, but it has some sentimental value to it.  I’m hoping one day (way down the line) even after we replace it with a piece of dream art, that I can hand it off to our son to be hung either in a dorm room or his first apartment.  A little piece of nostalgia. =)
Here is the original photo…
The best part about this art piece is that even with it’s gigantic size, 36″x48″, it only cost me $8 to print at Staples.  Just upload your image as a blueprint and voila, the cheapest, largest art ever.  I love the vintage feel that printing it this way gives, it just feels right in this little nook of ours.  


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  1. Wonderful! Such a neat idea with that print. Loving the look.

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