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I’m dreaming of a white kitchen {open shelving too}

I so badly want an all white kitchen.  Anyone else feel the same way?  I want white subway tile, I want light counter tops, I want my 80’s kitchen to go bye bye.  My husband and I have been busy doing what we can to our kitchen without spending a pretty penny.  Just last week we decided to add some open shelving that has really helped make our kitchen feel deeper.  First I thought I’d share a few of my dream kitchens:

via DougElissa
You have to see the before and after of this kitchen…it is amazing the transformation
I wish I could find the source to this image…if you know it please let me know.
Now for my kitchen; here is the before we moved in photo! Yuck!
I showed some updated photos after we made some preliminary changes in this previous post
Now, after opening up a few cabinets this is where we are at today.

We are still living with the dreaded counter tops and back splash that came with the house…but that will change in time.  Hopefully sooner rather then later because it is starting to make me “itch.”  No matter what changes we do to the kitchen it is dragged down by the multi-colored brown 80’s tile.  For now I’ll keep dreaming of my new counter tops, but I’m loving my open cabinets. They were so easy to do and if you are thinking of doing it yourself, but haven’t…go for it.  All we did was remove the cabinet doors, wood puttied the hinge holes then painted over them a few times.  The most work came from the fact that the inside of the cabinets are just as ugly as the outsides were before we painted them.  So the insides of the cabinets and the shelves took about four coats of white paint before they looked just right.  My husband then finished off the front of the shelves with a piece of aluminum trim.  I love the extra bit of silver it provides to the space.  And in the last photo you can see that we finally updated the faucet too…she’s a beauty.  We also added hardware to our cabinets which made a huge impact as well.  The tricky part is that most of our cabinets were installed crooked way back when…if only I could have a chat with that contractor. For now they work, but one day, oh one day…I’ll have all new cabinets.  


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