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Space Invader birthday ideas {searching the web}

I’ve been searching the web for ‘Space Invader’ themed items for my sons small birthday gathering I’m planning for his 6th birthday.  I am trying not to go overboard as this is going to be just for family and close friends. (He’s decided that he’d like to go to Knott’s Berry Farm as his ‘big deal’)  A few months ago in the dollar section at Target we found these drink markers that became our inspiration…

You can find them here now
My son and I both liked the fun colors they came in, they are more neon in person, and I knew they would make for a fun theme.  
So, as I’ve been gathering ideas all over I came across a really fun clothing shop on Etsy.  Hatch For Kids makes cultured inspired shirts for kids and I happened upon them when I did a search for “space invaders shirt for kids” on Etsy.  I think it would be fitting for my son to wear a cool shirt on his special day.  
I love what Hatch for Kids stands for: 
Support the arts. Foster creativity and self-expression. Create something beautiful. We are Hatch For Kids.
I am a mom who is constantly wanting my kids to use their imagination, create often and to color outside of the lines.  I love that Hatch For Kids has a similar reason for being.  
I’ve got a few really fun ideas planned for games and decor and can’t wait to share it once we have his little party.  I’m hoping it keep it all within a reasonable budget, which I’ll be sure to share with you all as well.  


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  1. Can't believe Grey is going to be 6! I'm loving the new blog design 🙂

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