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Moments from Me {a mother/daughter moment}

Life is challenging sometimes, we all know that.  And sometimes you feel like the situation you are in is quite possibly the worst, but you trek on through it.  Just maybe though, another piece of life happens and IT actually feels like the worst…again, you get through it.  We are resilient. It can be exhausting and at times you can feel like you are failing at the person you want to be.  Assuming though, we are all too hard on ourselves at times and we really are actually being the strongest person we’ve ever had to be and in turn we are thriving at it.  I’m going to look at this little window in my life as the moment where I grew leaps and bounds as a person, a wife and a mother.  And a little moment today reminded me that I’m doing a pretty darn good job.  This little sweet girl of mine, grabbed a hold of just one of my fingers and walked slowly and quietly back to my car after dropping brother off at school.  I felt in that little moment like such a good mommy!  There was no constant reminding to “hold mommy’s hand, it’s for your safety,” or “slow down, walking feet.”  I enjoyed our little minute and a half walk more then anyone today.

(and thank goodness for being able to silence your camera so that me capturing this moment didn’t ruin it)

Now, to continue to be ever thankful for our health and knowing that anything that life throws us really isn’t that bad.
I wanted to share an article I came across today that had me chuckle because I think anyone who has kids can relate to the feelings and humor that this article of truth exudes.  (you can enjoy it here)

Have a great day everyone and remember you are the best you can be in each moment and that is always enough!


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  1. Alyssa says:

    You ARE doing a great job!! 🙂

  2. Those moment are the BEST

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