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Shared space {my kids room}

I’m working hard on creating a new space for my kids.  Obviously, I’m my worst critic and can’t decide on anything this time around.  I’m finding that owning my first home has really caused me to be a slow decision maker.  I’m usually pretty quick, any of my friends and family would tell you I can decide on an item for their homes in seconds.  For my home, its becoming a challenge.  I have a vision in my head.  Clean, modern, black and white, gold, woods, eclectic…but, warm and homey.  Hmmm a challenge, but I love it.  So, as I ponder over what mirrors to buy for my bathroom vanities and what chairs I want for my family room, I’ve been focusing on the space that I can knock out pretty quickly…my kids room.  They still share a room as they did in our rental.  If you don’t remember what their room looked like before you can find it here and here.

I’m cleaning the space up…going for fresh white and graphic accents.  So here is the sneak peak.  A picture I captured of my daughter the other day playing.  I can’t wait to share it as I finish it up.  Lets hope soon!


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