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Flying Diamond {black and white nursery}

I’m on a black and white kick if you can’t tell.  I’m just loving how clean it is and how each piece stands out on its own.  I also love the idea that with keeping the main items in a space black or white, you can then switch out accessories easily.  I tend to be a person who gets bored with design quickly, so to have the luxury of making a few additions to a space without breaking the bank makes me love the black and white palette even more!  I’ve been really busy with client designs (which I love) and wanted to just let out some unrestrained designing last night and finally threw together a room from a few items I’ve seen and loved over the past few weeks.

To pin point a few…The Twigeli mobile by Kim Baise offered through JOINERY is such a fun piece.  I tend not to suggest your classic baby mobile because they sadly can really conflict with the design of a space.  I’d rather see an eye-catching piece like this one.  And then use a musical item whether it be an ipod, a radio or a musical toy to serenade the baby.  Personally, my kids liked that “not so attractive” rain forest toy that I’d tuck away when not being used.  Do you know which one I’m speaking of?  =)

I also just adore this original pencil drawing of the lion by Revelle Taillon. What a beautiful piece!  And even more I love the idea of what the lion stands for…courage, royalty and power.  I think this really adds a sense of strength to this space.  Be sure to visit her Etsy shop where you can really see the detail in this amazing drawing.

Now for the design…

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  1. Alyssa says:

    What a cool nursery! I'm loving that lion!

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