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Toys galore {Dwell Studio}

The holidays are quickly approaching and with the season comes lots and lots of toys.  I don’t know about you, but I just can’t handle all of the obnoxious, brightly colored plastic that usually comes into our home.  I’m not opposed to it in the sense that I forbid it, but aesthetically I just can’t stand looking at it all.  And I just don’t have enough closet space to tuck it away…

I have to say I just love the toys that I am seeing from many companies out there who are really putting together the idea of play and the idea of design.  Dwell Studio has some of the cutest things right now.

I’m loving this set of blocks.

And for the bigger kids, I think this Skyline Multi Creative Play Set is so cute and such a fun imaginative toy.

And this 100 Plank Wood Block Set is just adorable…I may have to grab this one.

So where are you finding other really great toys these days?  I would love to hear…


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