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White Walls {who would have thought}

I have recently noticed a trend amongst many of my Pinterest pins….I have a plethora of boards, but while searching for some inspiration for a client I was looking through my “Play all day” board.  What did I notice…I am drawn to rooms with white walls!  I would have never thought that I would want to leave a room as a blank slate, but from the looks of it…I would.  Here are just of few of the rooms…


All the colors in these spaces just pop right off the fresh, white walls and I just love that.  The simplicity and calm that it creates is something I may be wanting to do soon myself.  Do you like white walls?


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2 responses to “White Walls {who would have thought}”

  1. Love white walls!

  2. I love white walls, and tend to have the same trend in my Pinterest pics as well 🙂 I'm just trying to decide if I will really love it in person. Good luck! ~Bre

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