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Sheepskin rug {adding comfort}

I have so many clients recently that have needed designs done for them that have had carpeted spaces.  Nothing wrong with that, I myself only have carpet (dreaming of wood).  The decision then becomes do you want to put a rug over your carpet or do you want to leave it blank?  I don’t mind designing either way.  For those that don’t want to add another layer to their floor, they have an option that is being seen more and more: sheepskin rugs.

Power houses like IKEA have made it very easy for clients to get a small pop of comfort on their already cozy carpet without breaking the bank.  The Rens sheepskin rug is only $30.

They also have the Tejn faux sheepskin for only $10.

Adding a few of these rugs in designated spaces can really add a sweet look and just the right bit of extra comfort.

One of my favorite inspirations is Ford’s nursery from the Me Oh My blog.  I just love love love how the sheepskin rugs add another layer of texture to her already fabulous rug.


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