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Land of Nod

I love getting the newest Land of Nod catalog in the mail.  It’s always nice to see what is new on a page as opposed to staring at the computer screen (which I do all day long.)  So last night I sat down on the couch for the first time, I think, all day and looked and looked and looked.  A few of pieces I loved are the Chesire chair, the District bookcase, the modern clip lamp, the art pieces…

Have you looked through the catalog yet?  I’m kind of thinking the modern lamp clip needs to make its home on my desk =) 


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2 responses to “Land of Nod”

  1. That giraffe print is so fun, and I love the gold lamp!

  2. I've been seeing the snake charmer baskets around. Love them! I also love that lamp…if only it weren't $60.

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