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The greatest gift

Do you ever wonder what you should give an expectant mom at her baby shower or when you visit the baby for the first time?  I think we all do.  Especially if you are already a mom, we tend to try to be practical.  Well, even if I’m bringing diapers to a friend, I’ll always throw in an Angel Dear blankie.  Have you heard of them?  The are the BEST!  I’m not kidding.  Both my kids chose them to be “that” blanket and so have many of my friends kids.  And I can confirm that when I managed a baby boutique for over 13 years we sold thousands!  (Maybe that’s a bit off, but you get it)

My son has the tiger and my daughter has the hippo and the hot pink cyclops.  And trust me if your child decides they love their blankie, be sure to purchase a back up one or four!  You’ll not want to be without one. 

They’ve recently introduced the Monster Blankies too and I just love them!


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