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Spring Flowers

The sounds of Spring are in the air. The weather is slowly getting prettier.  There are birds trying to form a nest in my dryer vent, yes, if that isn’t a sign of Spring, I don’t know what is.  We are getting ready for the Easter bunny over here too. 

I always ask my facebook followers for suggestions on my next design board, so go ahead and like me so you can join in the fun.  The response I got this time was:
‘Country chic! Or a nursery based around flowers, for Spring:) Or a combo of both!’

So, I went with the flowers and in doing so found a lovely new artist to add to my favorites.  Nature Mandalas on Etsy has the most beautiful lifestyle photos.  As you will see on the board below, her photos of flowers are breathtaking.  I am pretty sure the Pink Dahlia needs to be in my house somewhere. Thank you Allison for allowing me to include your beautiful images in this Spring Flowers design board.
And as always, thank you Elisssa Hudson for your lovely prints.

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I hope Spring is beginning where you are!
Have a beautiful day…

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