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Dipped…once you start, you can’t stop

I, like so many others, have been consumed by the new dipped trend.  Even Target has dipped wooden spoons so you don’t have to do it yourself.  There have been a few items I have pinned, but really wanted to see what the web had.  From chairs, stools, frames, console tables…it goes on and on.  Have you decided to take on the dipping trend?
I did…

I have had a set of coasters for as long as I can remember. They are usually just in a drawer because they are less then thrilling.  For some reason I never threw them away…well, this must be why.  It’s time to dip!

Here is what they looked by before:

I started taping them off, all a little different so that there was some character to them.

I did a very light sanding on the part I was going to paint. Only about a 180 fine sand paper. It was just enough to rough up the surface before I started painting with my primer/ paint in one. 

A few coats of paint and voila, a new set of way more fun coasters.

Here are a few of my other favorite dipped items.

via Sunshine on the Inside
via Pretty Pegs
via The Sweet Beast Blog
via Design Top News
via Lucas Maassen
via Interior Design
I’d love to see if you have attempted any dipping…I have a tissue box still drying.  It’s so easy and way too much fun.  Look around your house, I bet you have some pieces that are becoming old to you…picture them with some color.  Ready, set, go….

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