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Wowza Wednesday

Happy Wednesday…the week is half way through.  How’s this time change treating you? (for those that have to do it) It has pretty much turned my little ones against me. =)  I’m anticipating it getting better soon…so I am hanging in there. 

Back to my Wowza.  I went shopping on Monday with my sleeping daughter in the stroller and truly enjoyed the quiet and the fun that was to be had.  I turned the corner and saw this:

If only I hadn’t just made this one, I would have snatched it up so quick.  It was only $69.99 and was exactly the size I would have wanted.  Oh well, someone else probably had the same wowza moment I had and now has it beautifully displayed in their home! 

Have you had any Wowzas this week?  Share…email me a photo I’d love to see what has been making you smile!



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7 responses to “Wowza Wednesday”

  1. Sita says:

    Wow! That really is a great find! TJ Maxx is so hit or miss, but sometimes you can score really big!

  2. LisaMende says:

    Cool mirror! I like yours better!!

  3. What a great find – but honestly, the one you made is more unique and pretty!

  4. This is pretty but I too like the one you made better! I found the perfect mirror at HomeGoods yesterday for our powder bath (and only $25!)…I'll share a pic when it's hung : )

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