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Pinterest find no longer duplicated =(

I am sad to say I will no longer (as of now) be continuing the ”Pinterest Find Duplicated” series.  There is much press floating around the Internet of the dangers of Pinterest.  Shocking right!?  Aren’t we all just having fun finding amazing ideas, saving them all in one place and making new “friendships” with each other?  Well, that sadly isn’t the case.  Many are in an uproar of what Pinterest has done to copyrights.  I can’t even begin to explain it all, but thought I’d share a link for those of you that want to educate yourselves further. 


This is a well written, thoroughly researched article that just about scared me silly.  I have yet to completely grasp deleting my Pinterest account…that thought makes me so sad.  I do have to say I am thinking and looking more in depth to the pins I pin.  No longer am I going to pin “things” that are direct pieces of profit.  This was a big topic in the comments following this article.  That people create works of art, photos, etc for their livelihood.  They are most likely the ones that would be hurt by pinning.  And with their hurt, I (we) as the pinners will suffer the most hurt.  In Pinterests Terms of Service they pretty much take no responsibility and therefore, put all of us in the responsibility roll of causing the infringement, allowing them permission to do what they want with the photos pinned and expect us to pay all the legal fees, if, it was to come to that. Huh, what!?  So that little part of accepting terms to websites really IS a BIG deal!  
For now, I find it OK to continue pinning ideas, for ideas can’t have a copyright and no one person can claim an idea as their very own.  I will pin my own creations because in doing that so far I have “met” so many of you amazing followers.  But, sadly I will go back to the old way of bookmarking amazing product finds at least until something gets cleared up in the TOS and media revolving around Pinterest. 

On a lighter note…cause I am not a fan of stressful stuff…here is my newest creation.  My journey in making this beauty will be coming soon.  Cause, yes, you definitely learn things along the way that no tutorial can teach you. 

And just to clarify…I give you all the permission in the world to pin my stuff…I watermark it all and that makes it fine with me!!! Pin away… =)


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4 responses to “Pinterest find no longer duplicated =(”

  1. Alyssa says:

    The mirror looks so great!!

  2. Sita says:

    Very good information, Bri. It will definitely make me reevaluate the way I use Pinterest. Your mirror is incredible! I can't wait to hear/see the backstory! Happy Weekend, friend!

  3. That is part of why I haven't hopped on board. Sacred silly 😉 That mirror is awesome. Can you make me one?!:)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for passing along this important info…..lovely mirror btw.

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