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We have decided to get into the Valentine’s spirit here today.  My kiddos and I took a trip to Michael’s for a heart punch so we could create a garland for our mantel.  My son is very big into crafts, which I love, cause I have to do one at least once a day.  It is such a great outlet.  So after purchasing our heart punch we walked next door to Lowe’s for some free paint samples.  Love the free part!  My son actually asked why I was walking out of the store without buying them…he thought I was stealing.  Haha.  So we headed home to create our garland.  I’m sure you have seen similar ones on Pinterest.  Our mantel felt a little empty so I added some homemade art.  My son and I couldn’t agree on what color to choose.  I wanted yellow, he wanted blue…shocker. 

I won with the compromise of I would print him the blue one for his room.  He was sold on that idea.
Feel free to save the Love art for yourself and just print away!!!
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  1. OH my gosh this is adorable! I love everything about it, the tree, garland, and wrapped jar. Thanks for linking up and linking back 🙂

  2. I love everything! You did such a great job, I'm featuring you tomorrow!

    • Thank you soo soo much Taryn. I'm sure you now how important traffic is to ones site in order to get a following and in the end clients. I so appreciate you liking my display enough to feature it. Such a fun thing to wake up to this morning!

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