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Sunshine and twinkle stars design board

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Another response I had to my inquiry of what would my facebook followers like to see for my next design board was grey and yellow.  Well, you didn’t have to ask me twice! These are two of my favorite colors.  I wanted to do this room as if it was for a girl.  I think most of the time you see it for a boy cause it is such a striking color scheme.  Well, I softened the grey and yellow, but still allowed there to be some pop.  A little shine and reflection from the mirrored end table and the ornate mirror adds a bit of glamour.  Ruffled curtains and textured pillow added some softness to the room.  A focal wall of stunning Serenity wallpaper. And just to add a bit more interest to the color scheme, I added a few subtle pops of aqua.  The chair pattern has it, the lamp base and few other accessories.  Enjoy!

p.s.  The ornate mirror is actually the IKEA UngDrill frame spray painted silver with a mirror insert.  Love that for only $29.99 plus cost of mirror. 


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  1. The Osswalds says:

    I love, love, love this one! So beautiful Miss Bri!

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