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Splurge vs. thrifty

Alright…I haven’t visited my splurge vs. thrifty section in awhile, but I found a good one.  The above gliders look extremely similar right?  Which would you prefer in your nursery or child’s room? Answer that question and then lets talk about price.  More then anything I love designing a room strictly based on the look…no budget thought about.  Then once a concept is decided on, then I like to thing about budget.  There are so many products available you can usually find something so close to the original.  The above is a great example.  How close are these two gliders?! 

Now lets discuss price.  The top photo is of a glider (and ottoman) available at Babies R Us and sells for $399.99.  The bottom glider is from Monte Modern Furniture and retails for $995!  Now that is a great splurge vs. thrifty!

Happy shopping- Splurge vs. thrifty…what’s your way?


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