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Wowza Wednesday

I am in the process of redesigning my master bedroom and incorporating a small work corner for myself.  Ahh..a corner to myself!  A place for me to create, design, play with little to no interuptions…sounds like heaven.  But, back to my Wowza for this week.  In designing this new space, I was having fun finding little treasures to help make my new space have character and charm.  I came across these on Etsy…now don’t go and buy them all out before I grab one myself. 

Don’t laugh…yes, my Wowza is a stapler, but I never said a Wowza had to be spectacular…it just has to be something that makes you smile.  I could just picture my white lacquered desk surface, with a turquoise stapler…made me smile. 
Have you had any Wowzas today?

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