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There are so many ways to start creating the nursery of your dreams.  Some find bedding they love, others find an art piece…but what about those that just know and love a particular line of furniture.  Oeuf is a very well known furniture line that creates beautiful, modern cribs.  I think they are amazing, but so is their price point.  It is amazingly high for the average household.  So do you give up on your dream furniture piece?  Absolutely NOT!  Take a look at this crib from Walmart.  Yes, I said Walmart.  A client of mine recently purchased this crib and loves it.  Look how similar it is to Oeuf.
Clean lines, wide slats, low set and wood finished bottom.  LOVE! The best part…the Walmart crib is only $299 compared to the almost $900 for the Oeuf.

                                                                     ^ Oeuf Crib

^ Walmart Olivia 3in1 Crib
Now, something every crib purchaser should know is that all cribs sold in the USA must pass the same safety guidelines.  Some companies go above and beyond the required safety measures, but the general safety requirements are high enough that every parent should feel safe purchasing any crib regardless of the price point. 
Here is a beautiful nursery featuring the same style crib…but who would know if it was $900 or $200?
Happy shopping…Splurge vs. thrifty- what’s your way?

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