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Our New Home

In December 2012 we bought our first home.  This was beyond exciting for me because I’ve always felt that no matter where we have lived, I haven’t been able to make it truly our own. We all know how rentals have the worlds worse tan colored walls, completely blah hardware (if it has any at all) and possibly the grossest carpet.  No matter how nice the area: we’ve lived in Newport Beach, steps from the ocean to a great community a bit more south…all have had questionable basics to work with.  So you can only imagine my excitement when the day finally came to get our first place.  We weren’t buying a huge house, cause lets be real, we live in southern California and what may buy you a four bedroom house somewhere else will only buy you a two bedroom condo here.  But, hey, I love our two bedroom condo with a yard and couldn’t be more excited to share our journey in making it completely us!  Here are photos of what we have worked on so far, I’ll continue to update as areas in the home get my touch.

More details here

Recently painted the countertops and backsplash white

(Halloween version)

We have a lot more to tackle…you may be wondering where the master bedroom and the family room pictures are.  Well, I haven’t finished those areas.  Come to think of it…there is still the rest of the bathroom, finishing the breakfast nook, lights, demolishing our horrible counters in the kitchen etc.  For now, this is how far we have gotten in less then a year and with a very small budget.  I hope you have enjoyed this tour so far.  Share and pin away!