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Refrigerator priorities {with Samsung}

When designing a kitchen, ours in particular, I want to take into account all the design elements I want, but also focus on having nice looking appliances.  That is a detail that you always want to keep in mind.  And not just nice looking, but ones that also can contribute to an easier lifestyle.  

Our Samsung Side-by-Side black stainless steel refrigerator has added the perfect modern aesthetic to our kitchen.  This fingerprint resistant refrigerator has definitely helped eliminate my constant need to wipe down my refrigerator front.  No mom wants to have to add that to her chore list on the daily.  

A feature that I always find to be convenient is having the water dispenser on the front.  It allows for not only myself, but my kids to continue to stay hydrated with the simple touch of a button.  

Possibly the most important feature for me when selecting this double door refrigerator was the fridge organization possibilities.  I have been able to customize how I want to organize the items in my refrigerator, from using clear plastic bins to sort my cheeses and meats to a soda can organizer.  It comes with two large crisper drawers keeping my fruits and vegetables at the absolute freshness you would expect from an amazing appliance.  

I am Italian, so I tend to cook large quantities of food even when just cooking for my family of four, so having the space to organize our leftovers is so important.  The best way to organize our leftovers is in stackable glass containers.  They keep our food fresh and with all the ample storage space our refrigerator provides, I’m always pleasantly surprised with how much fits in it. 

And while I have mentioned how important the look of our refrigerator was for our kitchen and its large amount of storage, I am also very aware how having an energy efficient refrigerator is so important.  We couldn’t be happier with how this refrigerator has hit the mark on so many wants we had.  

Thank you Samsung for creating such an amazing product and for partnering with me.  


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