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Bedroom accent wall {JH Wall Paints}

Our bedroom has been going through a bit of a refresh to take the space from simple to cool. I partnered with JH Wall Paints to try out their Lime paint product. I was so intrigued that this paint goes on like standard paint, but ends up with a plaster looking finish. I took my Instagram following through the application process and they were all equally as amazed by this product.

The main step that sets this paint apart from standard paint is you actually mix it with water. It is one part water to one part paint. The first coat you apply with a roller, using strokes as uniformed or as random as you’d like depending on how much movement you want in your wall. I cut in around the border first using the large block brush that JH Wall Paints sells.

Then I rolled on the rest of the first coat. This was quick and easy. You want to have a spray bottle handy in order to always keep a wet edge when applying a new section. This helps minimize harsh edges. You can see above how parts of the wall were already drying, but I allowed a full 2 hours before I did the second coat. With that coat you use the large brush to apply the paint in crosshatch strokes. This is when you really start seeing the plaster look. I have all of the process saved on a highlight reel on my Instagram for more detailed instructions. And JH Wall Paints has a full tutorial video on their site.

The finished product is truly just the coolest. Look how much movement our accent wall has now! And because I was asked many times if the paint leaves a texture to the wall, the answer is no. It is truly just paint, but even better. I chose to paint my baseboards too for a seamless, floor to ceiling visual and I’m so glad I did. The color I chose is number 105 and it is the most perfect green with a gray undertone that makes it so soft and muted. Do you have a place in your home that you may give this amazing product a try? Be sure to share it with me if you do.


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