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Kitchen upgrade {with Samsung}

You already know we changed the tile in our kitchen, but I haven’t shared the other new addition. We were gifted a Samsung Side-by-Side refrigerator in black stainless steel and we just love the way it complements the tile. The pairing just feels seamless in our space. I knew that this Side-by-Side refrigerator would be perfect for our home because of the clean, modern design. Just look how sharp that flat front looks in our kitchen.

The recessed handles allow for no protrusion into our small walking space which has been a favorite feature for me.

We have definitely seen the difference already on how this refrigerator keeps our food much cooler. It has All-Around Cooling which means multiple vents evenly cool each shelf for fresher food, longer.

The modern design of the water/ice dispenser allows for this convenient feature to not take away from the clean lines of this refrigerator. I love having a water/ice dispenser easily accessible because I love ice cold water. My husband thinks I’m silly that I can’t handle room temp water, but a girl likes what a girl likes.

I think what I have already been the most excited about with this new refrigerator is the large capacity of storage it offers. My husband and I were shocked after I did a grocery store run where I bought the usual amount of food and it didn’t even fill up the allotted space! It’s amazing how much room there is and how perfectly organized it can be.

It makes for a really pretty view from our living room too. The black stainless steel finish provides a beautiful contrast to our white cabinets and a perfectly subtle contrast to our black accent wall.

I can officially say I am in love with a refrigerator because now with the Side-by-Side refrigerator everything is in view. My freezer side is able to be so organized with the amount of shelves offered which has definitely eliminated us forgetting about items in the freezer; no more freezer burned food. I can’t wait to get my new fridge organizer set in the mail to really utilize all the great space. Yep, way too excited about a refrigerator, but hey, it is making my life so much easier in the kitchen.

Be sure to check out all the refrigerator styles that Samsung has to offer. Thank you Samsung for a great product and allowing me to partner with you.


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