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Bedroom refresh and reset {with AllModern}

*this post is sponsored by AllModern, but all opinions and selections are my own

Emerson’s room finally is complete! It has been a journey to get to this point with her small space. We initially redid her room about a year ago, which in hindsight I realize was about 1 1/2 years too early. Girls change a lot between 8 and 10; that unicorn love has disappeared. Her initial room design was super sweet and girly. She was adamant on a gold canopy bed, which she thankfully still loves. The rest of the of the room has been changed and we both love it so much.

I partnered with AllModern again on this space and if you’ve followed my other spaces I’ve refreshed with their help; found here, here and here, you’ll see the wide variety of items they offer.

Emerson’s room is very small since we split the main room into two sides for the kids a few years ago, but she still has plenty of room for what she needs the space for. You’ll see we choose the Stephenson Groove Handle 3 Drawer Dresser to place next to her bed instead of a traditional nightstand. This provided so much more storage for her folded clothes. And it is hard to tell from my photo, but you can see ever so slightly the wood grain coming through the white finish, which I love. It adds some subtle dimension.

You can’t miss the amazing new rug we got for her room either. It is the perfect size to fill her floor area, but still allow some of our concrete floors to show through. This Damien Handwoven Flatweave rug in jute and wool is absolutely gorgeous. I love the mix of the two textures; the natural element of the jute and then the added softness of the wool.

We also selected a wall sconce to give her a light to read by at night. This Myers plug-in sconce is in the perfect taupey pink color and has the added brass detail that works really well with her canopy bed. I love the statement it makes on her headboard wall.

The little wall between her closet door and the vanity area got a little gallery wall of art I already had and her letterboard that shockingly all worked so well together.

On the wall opposite her bed is where I moved the cabinet that I originally got for our entry because Emerson really wanted a spot to store her toys (without them being seen) and this piece was just too perfect. Something that Emerson loves right now is sloths, so this art piece was just too fitting. I don’t see either of us getting sick of it, it’s just too cute.

To finish off the space, I added all the fun decorative touches. The bed got a vibrant Interlude Luxurious throw pillow with tassel details. And I made the dried floral wall piece to add some texture to her wallpaper wall.

Emerson and I absolutely love how her space has come together and we just know this time the design will last for years. Thank you AllModern for partnering with me on this bedroom refresh.


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