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DIY {painted window trim}

Do you have something on your to-do list that has just been sitting there for so long and you know you should just do it? I did, for a long while. I have been wanting to update our old, 80’s metal window trim from dark brown to a fresh coat of black paint. I finally started tackling this to-do and I am so glad I have. Each window has maybe taken a bit over an hour and that includes the taping off, prep work. Don’t be lazy and skip the prep work. I promise the extra few minutes it takes to tape off the window will save you soooo much time during the painting process. This way you don’t have to be precise at all, paint messy and you’re just fine.

Now, in my photos these window trims have always looked black, but up close they definitely weren’t and to be honest, many parts of them had white paint on them. They were in bad shape. I grabbed some paint I had on hand from painting our stock tank pool this spring, it’s Behr premium plus ultra, it’s an exterior paint that works on aluminum, metal etc.

Behr Premium Plus Ultra exterior in matte finish

Simply taping off around the window, I used a small art paint brush that fit perfectly to the size of my trim and just started painting. Two coats later and I have fresh looking window trim. Probably the easiest DIY ever, but super impactful.


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