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Master bedroom refresh {with Rove Concepts}

Moving right along with our master bedroom refresh, you can obviously see in my previous photos that I showed our new furniture. Today I want to talk a bit more about the new pieces. I have spoken of Rove Concepts many times on my Instagram since discovering them a few years ago. I just love the items they offer and feel they really fit my design aesthetic. They definitely lend to a Scandinavian vibe. So when I chatted with Rove Concepts about refreshing my space I just knew that the Mikkel bed and the Joren dresser would be a great fit.

The Joren dresser is narrow, so each dresser (I have two) sits perfectly on the small wall to either side of my bedroom door. They allowed these once useless walls to serve a purposed, which in our small condo is really beneficial. I try to make every square foot useful and intentional. The Mikkel bed is low profile which I love because it doesn’t consume our small bedroom space. The warmth of the wood and the softness of the attached headboard cushions added just enough visual weight in the center of the room.

If you are also in need of some cool, unique furniture I highly suggest taking a look at Rove Concepts and what they offer.


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