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Kitchen refresh inspiration {Our New Home edition}

Almost six years ago we moved into our condo. It has been a journey at a slow and steady pace to update it so that it reflects our style.  And by our style, I mean mine that my family has grown to love haha.  I’m 100% blessed with a husband that appreciates design, but doesn’t actually have a clear “have to have” of his own.  Or maybe I’ve just mastered what he likes; it could be that after being together for almost 17 years=).  Ok, back to the reason for this post, the kitchen.  When we moved into this condo I remember us saying “oh, yeah, we can change the kitchen.”  Someone should have slapped us both!  Of course you can change anything, but that requires $$….so, lets fast forward 6 years, because going at real speed felt like a snail’s crawl to get here.  I have always hated our kitchen, strong word, yes, but hate hate hated it.  The layout is just plain dumb.  There is one, I repeat, one cabinet for pots and pans, that is it.  It has definitely forced me to have a minimalist kitchen that is for sure.  The other eye sores were the brown speckled tile counter tops and matching backsplash and the wood cabinets!  Ugh.

I’ve shown the below photo before, but for those of you that haven’t seen it, I apologize because you can never erase this ugly from your memory.

Unfortunately, we can’t change the layout of the kitchen without $$$, but we did do many little updates to get us through living with what we had…you can see below

you can read about it here

you can read about that here, and here, we finally decided at the end of May that our summer project would be to refresh this kitchen. AHHHHH! Bells ring and angels sing!  I was so happy.  Well, we shouldn’t have coined it a summer project because it’s now November and we are still working on it, but still, soooo happy.

In this post I am going to touch on my inspiration photos and our plan for our kitchen, that way this post doesn’t go on forever and ever.  Follow up posts will start to talk about the actual process of this kitchen refresh.

We knew we were going to install butcher block counter tops because they are cost effective, pretty and with proper maintenance, just get better year after year.  I also knew I wanted to use 3×12″ white subway tiles to be stacked counter to ceiling with a continuous floating shelf.

Inspo pics that got me super excited.

by BritDotDesign


by Mandi Makes



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