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Media unit {our newest addition}

For well over a year I searched and searched for the right media unit for our home.  I never thought it would be such a difficult task to find one that not only accommodated our needs, but also fit the aesthetic I was going for.  I didn’t want to settle until I found the perfect piece and I’m truly so glad I was patient and waited.  It took until one day I was scrolling through Instagram when I saw a sponsored post…those do work!  Right there before my eyes was exactly the piece I had been looking for.  I had wanted white, low profile, drawers and then a little something special.  This Mikkel tv stand from Rove Concepts had all of that!  I was so excited!  I immediately reached out to Rove Concepts to tell them how ecstatic I was that they had exactly what I was looking for.  From their a great partnership was created and I’m so grateful and pumped to show you how my new piece looks in my home.


Be sure to check out the other items that Rove Concepts sells because my goodness there are so many great pieces.  From bedrooms to dining rooms to lighting and everything in between, they have it all and it will most definitely satisfy those with a very similar aesthetic to mine.


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  1. The new media unit is perfect! Thanks so much for featuring our Mikkel TV Stand in bright and beautiful home.

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