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2018 {conquering it with confidence}

How many of you come up with new goals or resolutions?  I never was the type to do this, but last year right before Christmas vacation time I decided to make a goal that I wanted so badly to stick to.  I wanted to start making working out a part of my permanent schedule.  I started to look at myself and my usual weekly agenda and decided it was time that I set aside some time to make myself feel confident.  I had been lacking “it” for about a year due to some major weight gain from anxiety medication and I finally said “no more.”  Now for me to stick to something for a year consistently wasn’t usually an easy task, but this one ended up being one.  I found such a healthy “friendship” with working out.  I no longer despised it, instead I looked forward to it.  It helped me lose almost 30 lbs and 30″ off my body.  Boom!!  So proud of me.  Now, why am I telling you this…?  Well, one, why not?  I have decided that for the year of 2018 I am going to open myself up and let you really get to know me.  I’m not just an interior stylist.  I am a wife and mother first off, and then I fit my profession into the other time.  So for me, telling you about my daily/ yearly journeys is a must.  Secondly, I hope any of you who are feeling less than confident can feel supported by the fact that I just worked my booty off, literally, for a year and it completely paid off.  Scheduling in me time was the best decision I made heading into 2017.  Now, 2018 is going to be all about “conquering the year with confidence.”  This isn’t just about appearance…no, no, no, no, no. This is about me not feeling hindered by my own inner voice.  I want to expand my Instagram, my blog and my business, but this can’t happen if I am not fully, 100% confident in me.  So, I won’t allow myself to hold myself back.  Who’s with me?!

So, what are my plans you may ask?  Well, as silly as they may sound I am trying to be visible with my Instagram.  I have been blessed that over 22k of you want to follow along with my feed, but I want you to be able to see more of me in my stories.  I want to track more of the “process” of designing my space and hope that it can help you with designing yours.  I want to reach out and be able to meet face to face with some of those I’ve connected with on Instagram.  (I’ve got a lunch date planned for Friday with some lovely ladies, can’t wait) I want to blog more!  This is a biggie for me…I’m always saying this, but it is truly time.  I’m going to pop in and just say “this is what I did today,” or I’ll show you how we diy’d our bathroom, or I’ll pop in a share a client’s design board.  It may not be a cohesive theme around here, but I hope you just want to check in for the fun of it.  And feel free to tell me what you hope to see on this ol’ blog of mine.  And mostly, I really want to be able to help even more of you with my E-design services.  I’ve been truly blessed over the last 7 years helping so many of you.  I hope 2018 brings even more!

Here’s to being CONFIDENT!

Next big project to come….new bathroom vanity for the master bedroom. Woohoo!

(This is the small vanity area which is staying the same)


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  1. Ally Kepler says:

    Hi Bri! I just found your blog from instagram and love it! Its so beautiful and i can tell you put so much thought into it. Do you have a review of the floor stickers you used in this bathroom? I have so many questions!

    • brimoysa says:

      So sorry I’m just seeing this Ally…feel free to email me brimoysa at emersongreydesigns.com and I’ll answer any questions. Not sure if you ever dm’d me on Insta, but I’d love to help you with my review.

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