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Get The Look {our Christmas tree}

Where do you find inspiration for your Christmas tree?  I’m finding that I continue to reference back to my Pinterest board I created years ago titled “White Christmas”  because it still has so much good inspiration for me and my style.  I continue to add images I find throughout the year that I may want to implement when the time comes to start planning my decor.  I just finished our tree the other day and had a good amount of people contact me on Instagram asking where I purchased most of the items.  I’m always happy to share, so ask away. Now if you know me I shop a bunch at Target and Ikea, but I wanted to find some similar items that you could purchase from Etsy and other online stores if that is what you prefer.

I continue to love a really neutral tree where it’s a mix of white, black and woods.  If you want to have a similar tree I’ve created a “Get The Look” for you all.

The tree and the stool, that I use as a tree basket, are both from Ikea.  And then I wrap the base of the tree in a yard of fabric.  Currently I have this buffalo check from Fabric.com

The white pom pom garland is a few strands of this stitched together to make one long garland.

I purchased my black geometric ornaments from Target, but these Himmeli ornaments on Etsy are the exact same price as the Target ones.

I purchased my rattan ornaments as a light strand kit from Ikea, but this is exactly the same idea found on Etsy.  I took the ornament off the light strand and just added a simple white ribbon to hang them from.


All together the look of this tree is very cost effective and I use the stool year round so that’s a bonus.  Be sure to follow along on my Pinterest for more inspiration.


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