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Giving the nook an update [insert black wall]

I have shared our breakfast nook, eating nook, catch-all the crap nook…whatever you want to call it a few times on here and Instagram, but I’m talking about doing a bit of an update to it. I’m thinking of adding a black wall in the mix.  Now, the first time I mentioned this to my kids their responses were something like, “eew,” “no way,” and “that’s gross,” not exactly what I was hoping for.  They did change their mind when I taped up some black card stock to the wall to give them a better visual.  Then their responses changed to “oh, that’s cool,” ” yeah, I like it there,” and “do it.” Ha…looks like mama knows best.  So, now to pick a color.  I just went to my local Home Depot and grabbed two Behr samples; Carbon and Broadway.  I also plan to go grab Benjamin Moore Onyx too.  Black isn’t a simple color because the undertone can be blue, green, even brown and I don’t want that, so here’s to hoping I find a winner with just these three samples.

Some major inspiration came from spaces like this…

One room challenge space by Suburban Bees




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