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My summer essential bag {Uashmama USA Pia backpack}

I have always had an obsession with bags, well that and with pillows.  I can walk into any store and find a need for a new bag.  I don’t always end up purchasing them, but I definitely think about it.  When summer comes I very rarely am able to just use a purse because I’m usually off to the pool or the beach.  I need room for all the towels, sunscreen, snacks, toys and for sure the book I’m reading.  This summer my go to bag has been the Pia backpack from Uashmama USA.  This bag not only is amazing and gorgeous, but it is made of paper!!  Can you believe it?  Uashmama stretches and tans their paper just like you would with leather.  Their bags are washable and so earth friendly.  I’m obsessed.  I’ve been asked it they crinkle and make noise like paper and my answer is “not even in the slightest!”  You would think my bag was made of leather, it is that soft.  

*I was provided with merchandise for review, all opinions are my own. 


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