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Monday must-haves {camping style}

My kids get out of school for summer on June 1st this year which is crazy early for us, but since they started Aug. 15th we are all ready for break. Just this morning taking my son to school you could tell the “I’m over school” feels had set in.  He was dragging his feet and super emotional about going today.  I think we are all just tired.  I plan on pumping his mood up later with reminding him how little amount of school he has left and that when school is over is when we are going camping.  He loves camping, I’m learning to love camping.  Because we have a two night camping trip planned for just after summer starts I thought it was fitting to do a round up of all the things I’d love for our camping trip.

I say just because we are camping doesn’t mean I can’t make our set-up cute….right?  I’d love to grab each of us a canvas sling chair to hang out in around the fire.

And with our cute chairs we’d have, I think an outdoor rug would be great too.  I like having a surface to escape to when the dirt is just too much. Again, I’m learning here.

For the evenings and because of the lack of electrical outlets, how amazing will these solar lights be?!  Must have.

Now, we all know I can’t do without my morning coffee, so this pour over carafe is perfect.  Just heat up some water over the fire in our kettle and then enjoy our perfectly brewed cup of magic.

And because we will be making this yummy coffee, then I definitely think the hubs and I need these cute camping coffee mugs.  My personal instagram name is Mamabearmoysa, so it just feels like a must purchase.  And then, of course, I’d grabbed the Papa bear for my husband.


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