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Monday must-haves {on a Tuesday}

So, I got completely thrown off on my days with this four day weekend.  I’m definitely not complaining, but I was planning on launching this new series yesterday, haha, oops.  If you are anything like me, then you have a constant wishlist or list of favorite things that you think everyone should have.  I’ve decided that instead of keeping these things to myself, I’m going to share them.  Why not, right?

First up is Jenna’s kitchen “Just Add Water” brand new product she just launched.  I’m obsessed with cups and this one called my name with it’s all white exterior and 30 oz capacity.  I have to have a fun cup to drink out of in order to get all my water in.  Don’t hand me no plastic water bottle, no way.

Skechers  have become my go to shoe for working out.  Who would have ever thought?  I thought I was a Nike girl, but when I put these on with their goga mat technology sole…it was like walking on a cloud.

I am obsessed with my Apple lightning SD card reader.  For any of you that use your “nice” camera to take your interiors pictures, but hate the process of importing them to your computer, then this is your guy.  All you do is take your sd card out of your camera, stick it in this and then plug it into your iPhone. Instant import. You’re welcome!

My Mae Woven market bag is my go-to bag when I need something large enough, whether it be for me heading to the pool, the beach or the local flea market.  This bag is it for me.

I have suggested this Accent chair to a handful of clients and I just really really really want one for myself.


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