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Kids’ room {our home}

It’s time to share our kids’ room with you all.  Having a shared space for siblings is tough, especially when its a boy and a girl.  My kids have always shared a room so the challenge has diminished over the years.  I have fun trying to implement each of my kids personalities and interests.  My best advice is to keep a cohesive design when it comes to the bedding, but give them a bit of individuality.  I stuck to navy and white striped duvets and black and white sheets to form a good base.  I then purchased two very similar lumbar pillows, but allowed my sons pillow to be more masculine and my daughters to have a more feminine pattern.  From there I brought in their personalities with their gallery walls.

This room was done on a budget because, well, we don’t have a large one.  Most items were purchased from Target, Ikea, Walmart, TJ Maxx, Etsy and Society 6.  I love showing clients how it is very possible to achieve a super cute space while not spending too much!  


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