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Lets take a vote {round coffee table round-up}

Alrighty everyone I need your opinions….I recently moved our “stand-in” coffee table to the kid’s room for them to use as a play table.  We had originally purchased it from Target just to act as our coffee table until I could decide on a permanent piece that I’d love for a long time.  Since it has been moved…I kinda need to make a decision.  This is what I am working with:

Now…I’ve returned the rug that I have layered over the ivory one because I’m just silly and can’t commit.  I truly just want a vintage piece, but can’t afford it yet so for now I just have the knotted ivory wool rug.  But as you can see I have a very rectangular sofa and a rectangular TV console so I’m finally wanting to get a round coffee table.  I know this will provide much needed visual movement in the space and will just fit better in proportion to the room.  You can see in the top picture the table I moved to my kid’s room.  Our living area is one big great room so I wanted to also include a visual of my new door color and my breakfast nook, all can be seen from my “family” room area.  Here are my contenders for a new coffee table…please weigh in.  

What do you think?  I’d love to hear!!


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