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Styled nightstand {my side of the bed}

How many of you have a nightstand that is just covered with magazines, remote controls, glasses, drinks…I could go on and on?  I know I usually do!  I decided today it was time to clean that all up and designate other areas for those items.  I enjoy a styled home too much to cause myself my own stress of having a disheveled nightstand.  It also helped when Amber Interiors decided she was going to run a fun giveaway based around your bedside situation.  I’ve had plans for my night stand for awhile.  Super simple plans, but still, they are plans.  I wanted to add a few simple touches that reflect me and my family, along with something that I created.  Here is what I came up with.

Here is how you can get the look:

*When we first moved into our house my husband and I created these sconces.  I still love them.  I especially like that they allow the top of my night stand to be free for other items.
*A little DIY art is a great way to change up your art for no cost at all.  I’m really into abstracts right now and thought a bit of blue to bring out the blue in the pillow was a nice touch of color.
*A recent trip to the Good Will is where I found this ornate tin that has the greatest patina to it. * Adding a plant to a space is so important too and I think a lot of people forget that.  Not only does a plant add a perfect amount of green, its also is good for your air quality.  We all know how great succulents are because of the little amount of care they need.
*I created this DIY nightstand too from a Craigslist purchase.
*A sculpture like piece on top of a small stack of books always adds nice dimension to a styled space. I found this one at Hobby Lobby. The books I used speak of the ocean and we are very much a beach family so they were fitting.  The top book also has the prettiest colors of blues on it, so that worked well with my decor.
*A Hmong pillow that has the perfect deep indigo and pops of pink and orange.
*Our bed is low and very simple.  It has a slightly mid-century look to it.
*We have all white bedding which makes me feel like we are constantly in a hotel.
*And a great textured blanket which I can’t wait to start using again once this weather here in SoCal decides it wants to be Fall.


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