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Bathroom dreams {home update}

We have not taken on a new large project over here in awhile.  Life has gotten in the way and priorities have been put ahead of home updates. I’m kind of missing the many projects that we tackled when we first moved into our home almost two years ago.  You can see some of those updates here.  I’ve done a few smaller updates like painting the front door, the backyard lounge area etc. As for really tackling and changing this home for the better, we just haven’t been able to do that.  I’m itching to get on it.  Right now our bathroom vanities are driving me a bit crazy!  They are old, outdated and just not working for me.  When we first moved into this home we immediately had the old wood cabinets painted white so that we could live with them for awhile.  I think two years is awhile right??  Now I just want to rip them out!!

Here is what they looked like originally before we moved in….eeeeeekkkkkk!  This is the small little vanity that my kids and guests use.  It is an awkward little space that I am working on making better.  Until the day comes that we can knock down some walls, this just has to do.  I’m not worried about it looking sad forever, I know I can make it aesthetically pleasing.  Unfortunately, it takes some disposable money to do this.  We are working to fitting it into the budget, as what I have planned won’t take too much and I know it will look fantastic.


Here is my plan for this space.
You can find all the items I have featured on this board here.


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