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Always redesigning {my kids shared space}

Oh my, oh my….I’m my own worst client.  My kids’ shared room is driving me bananas.  Ever since we moved here, almost two years ago, I’ve yet to be fully happy with the way their room has come together.  It is that battle of trying to incorporate items I already have in order to save money and yet, not really liking any of them.  If only I could truly start from scratch.  Since I can’t I’m switching my focus to trying to simplify what I have and bring in very few new items.  I also want the room to reflect a bit more of the lifestyle we live.  My husband used to surf professionally so we have a plethora of boards in our garage.  One in particular that I’ve always loved is bright yellow and has such a classic shape to it.  I just think it would be so fun to feature this item in our kids room.  Yellow being such a neutral color and so cheery, I thought it would look pretty rad hanging on the wall.  I’ve seen a few images on Pinterest that struck my interest in this idea.

  With that being my inspiration I’ve pulled together this design board.

The subtle touches of pink in the art print and the pillow will give just enough of a feminine touch to the space.  My daughter has enough girlie toys scattered through out this house, she won’t miss not having an overly girlie room for now.

Surfboard image


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